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Healthy treats

Because good dogs deserve to feel great

Premium toys

To keep them entertained and mentally stimulated


For when all they want is a bit of me time


Essentials you can't live without

Two healthy, ethically sourced, treats

Our carefully curated box of delights is full of sustainably-sourced, ethical products from local supplies, all with a considered design aesthetic that you and your dog will love.

An example of the treat Cranberry & Sweet Potato Bites
Only 3 calories per bite! Soopa healthy bites are packed with antioxidants, fibre and Vitamin C which research shows is beneficial for dental health, bad breath and immune support.
An example of the treat Guru - Vension sausages
Made with quality ingredients and naturally air-dried to help maintain their flavour, aroma and nutrients, these treats are wholesome and irresistible.

Two premium toys for mental stimulation

It's not realistic to be with your dog 24 hours a day (sadly) and as with humans it's important to keep them mentally stimulated as much as possible. Not only does it avoid them getting into mischief but is also proven to help them live longer. All our toys are non-toxic.

An example of the toy Christmas Pheasant
This beautiful festive pheasant has a 'squeaker' in the head and a crunchy plastic filling in the tail that crunches and crackles. If that's not enough, hidden in the body is a tennis ball.
An example of the toy Rubber hollow chew toy
The super long lasting eco-chew toy is made of non-toxic rubber. Fill the bone with small treats or kibble to keep your dog both happy and mentally stimulated.

A delicious and nutritious chew

From naturally shed dear antlers to all-natural yak's milk; we've uncovered the best, long lasting, all natural chews.

An example of the chew Denzel’s - Nut butter chew
A blend of tasty peanuts, cashews and coconut oil make a nut butter chew, providing a fantastic source of protein and fibre. Nuts are also a source of healthy oils and fats which help fight against cholesterol.

Essentials and the occasional exclusive accessory

Beyond the regular delivery we're regularly collaborating with the best brands and designers and will be including exclusive gifts you can't find anywhere else.

An example of the accessory Wild Dog Co. Paw balm
This lick-safe balm is rich in human quality, natural skincare ingredients, that aren’t usually found in pet care. A protective barrier in winter that soothes those dry, rough pads.

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